Nubia’s upcoming Red Magic smartphone could have electrochromic back

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Nubia has some decent gaming phones on the block, in fact, the only ones with active cooling fans. With the previous flagship Red Magic 5G, Nubia did something unique, it rolled out a transparent edition with some sort of a transparent back panel. To make things even for interesting in 2021, Nubia could roll out a phone with an electrochromic back panel – which can “switch back and forth between transparent and colored.”

This tech was leaked in a video on Weibo. The video shows an upcoming Nubia phone, which has a back panel that changes from transparent to color at touch of a button. The leaked phone is expected to be the successor to the Nubia Red Magic 5G and in all likeliness would be called the Red Magic 6.

There is no official confirmation on the name or release date of the phone, so far, but it is certain that a phone with a see-through rear panel that can let one witness some innards is on the way. In addition to the button that facilitates the color-changing tech, the phone in the video show power button and volume rocker on the other side.

The concept of an electrochromic panel is not overly new. Despite a few OEMs toiling with it, it is yet to make mainstream. Given that the Nubia iteration is far more superior and more detailed than any seen before, we are hopeful of the chic technology making it to smartphones soon.

According to other reports, Nubia has already confirmed that it would be using Qualcomm’s recently revealed flagship processor – Snapdragon SoC – in its upcoming Z series flagships. Will the processing power also reach the Red Magic’s forthcoming phone is debatable at this moment. We are expecting more official news to roll out in coming weeks and we’ll share information as and when it comes in.

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