Nokia 7.2’s front camera found to be just average by DxOMark

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The Nokia 7.2 is the latest upper-midrange smartphone from HMD Global, announced in September at IFA and going on sale in the meantime. DxOMark’s selfie camera testing has just finished for this device, and the result is anything but impressive.

The Nokia 7.2’s selfie snapper gets an overall score of 78. The photo score is 81, while the video score is 74. This puts the phone squarely in the bottom half of DxOMark’s current front camera ranking. You can expect similar performance for selfies to that of the Sony Xperia 1 or Google Pixel 2.

Nokia 7.2 selfie sample from DxOMarkNokia 7.2 selfie sample from DxOMark

The selfie snapper on the Nokia 7.2 usually delivers accurate target exposure with decent dynamic range (when HDR Mode kicks in) in good lighting conditions, as well as in typical indoor-like shooting. However, exposure isn’t very stable between shots and color is desaturated in many cases, while noise is present a lot.

A narrow depth-of-field makes for out-of-focus objects and subjects at the back of a group selfie shot, and subjects can be soft even at the typical selfie shooting distance. Additionally, some testers found artifacts such as ghosting, halos, and hue shift on faces.

Nokia 7.2 portrait mode selfie sample from DxOMarkNokia 7.2 portrait mode selfie sample from DxOMark

Shooting with flash isn’t ideal because of strong color and exposure instabilities, heavy noise, and low levels of detail. Bokeh isn’t great either, with portrait mode shots having no blur gradient, which makes for an unnatural look. You also get halo artifacts and weirdly rendered spotlights in the background.

The 1080p video footage has good texture and detail and accurate target exposure when you’re outdoors in bright light, or indoors. Stabilization is decent, but exposure and white balance instabilities unfortunately are common, and you’ll even get inaccurate color rendering from time to time. Noise is very visible in low light, and the quality of the footage is also negatively impacted by color quantization and hue shift on skin tones.


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