New Xiaomi foldable smartphone may be revealed later this year

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Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD 2

Samsung does not really have a rival in the foldable phone game but it may soon have competition once Xiaomi releases its very own foldable Android phone offering and goes all out with marketing. Back in March, the Mi MIX FOLD was officially announced. It’s another first from Xiaomi. Another foldable phone could be introduced according to a new leak. this one looks like the Mi Mix Fold but with some upgrades and enhancements. The next foldable smartphone from Xiaomi is said to launch later this 2021.

The Xiaomi MI MIX Fold was introduced in March. Xiaomi surprised us with that one. The following month, it passed through a 400,000 bend test. It received another update that added PC mode and turned the interface into a Windows-like UI.

In the last quarter of the year, we can probably see another Mi Mix Fold. It may just be an upgraded model. Specs may include the same 5000mAh battery and 108MP main shooter. It may only run on Snapdragon 888 and the yet-to-be-revealed new premium flagship SoC from Qualcomm.

To review, the first-gen Mi Mix Fold comes equipped with a 90Hz external display and 60Hz internal display. The new model could even have a 120Hz internal display and maintain the 90Hz refresh rate of the external screen.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but it looks like Samsung is manufacturing the screen. CSOT could be making the secondary display. It’s possible too the next foldable phone could be a flip-clamshell style like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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