New mophie powerstation go can jumpstart your car

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Yes, that title is not a typo or a mistake. If you’ve ever wanted your power bank to have the power to jumpstart your car, you now have your wish. mophie unveiled their newest product at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The powerstation go universal battery not only can juice up your mobile devices but it can also power up your full-sized car and even your SUV in case of emergency. Oh, it’s also a wireless and wired charger for your smartphone, in case that’s your original intent.

The mophie powerstation go is lightweight and portable enough that it can fit into your bag or in your car’s glove compartment. It has a whopping 44,400mWh of power which should be able to juice up a lot of smartphones, tablets, and yes, jumpstart your car if you need extra power. That’s basically the biggest draw of this new portable battery. It comes with mini jumper cables of course and they guarantee it’s “quick and safe” so you can get back on the road in case of emergencies.

But of course, it can also charge your usual smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It can power any Qi-enabled device with up to 5W on its wireless charging surface. It also has dual 2.4A USB ports that can charge two devices at once and a 115V AC output port that can power up your laptops with up to 65W of power. Oh, and it also comes with a LED flashlight just in case it’s light you’re needing and not power.

There probably wasn’t a clamor for a portable charger for both your car and your smartphone but any car owner would know that it can be handy to have a device to jumpstart your car in certain situations. The fact that it can also juice up your gadgets and is easy to carry around is the cherry on top.

The mophie powerstation go is priced at $159.95 and is now available on It will be available on starting January 9 and you can choose from among colors like Black (Onyx), Blue (Cobalt), Rose Gold (Flamingo), Blue/Purple (Sapphire), Woodland (Camo), and Gold.

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