Netflix is testing Mobile+ plan in India: HD resolution streaming to phones, tablets and PCs

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About a year ago Netflix introduced its cheapest plan in India – mobile-only, SD resolution, INR200 a month. Now the company is testing out a more premium version that will bring in sharper HD visuals.

The cost of this new Mobile+ plan goes up to INR350 a month ($4.70/€4.10) and the restrictions remain almost the same. You can use only one device – a phone, tablet or computer, Smart TVs are not on the list. Note that the old Mobile plan also excludes PCs from the list of available devices, so that’s another reason to go with Mobile+.

Netflix's new INR 350 Mobile+ plan with HD resolution
Netflix’s new INR 350 Mobile+ plan with HD resolution

The restrictions seem like a fair trade-off, SD and even HD (presumably 720p) won’t look good on a large TV display, but the difference between SD and HD should be visible even on a mobile screen.

Again, this is just a test – Netflix says it will wait and see if the Mobile+ plan proves popular with its subscribers before permanently adding it to its selection.


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