Netflix brings Worth the Wait UI to smart TVs, TV apps

You probably will not run out of things to watch on Netflix with its huge library of video content, but sometimes, you still want to know what other things the streaming giant will eventually bring to your screens. Now the smart TV and TV app is bringing you a New & Popular section and while that may not be new for you, what you’ll notice is that there is a new row called “Worth the Wait” where you will see what they will be releasing in the next few months.

The New & Popular section has been in testing mode the past few months but is now rolling out to all users globally. This is where you can see the Top 10 shows and movies in your region as well as newly added content. A lot of users have already seen these sections especially on their mobile app and has also led to even better numbers for the content that have been featured here, especially for those that are looking for something new (or new-ish) to watch.

But smart TV and TV app users will also not a new row called “Worth the Wait” where you’ll see the movies, shows, and new seasons of TV shows that Netflix will be releasing soon. There are descriptions of these upcoming content as well as previews for those that already have trailers or behind the scenes videos available. They are hoping that this will give viewers more reason to stick with the service, at least for the next few months.

However, this seems to be available only on TV apps and not on mobile apps, at least for now. There is a “Coming Soon” section on your smartphone and tablet apps that can be accessed through the menu bar. You can also see in trailers, descriptions, release dates, and you can even turn on a reminder in case you forget that show or movie was premiering on that day.

You might also see the Worth the Wait section on Netflix for web soon. This is a good way for Netflix to keep viewers on the hook, especially now that there are so many other video streaming options out there.

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