My Samsung QLED Q60R TV is currently on sale for Black Friday

Since the Xbox One X launched (which by the way, is also on sale), I never realized that I wasn’t using it to its full potential. I was previously rocking a very cheap, entry-level 4K UHD TV, that didn’t have “true” HDR, owing to its lower-end display panel. Earlier this year during the summer, I managed to nab a good deal on a Samsung QLED Q60R, and I have been truly blown away with the difference a good TV can make. Right now, it’s on special offer for as much as 45 percent off, making it an amazing deal to upgrade your 4K gaming experience this Black Friday.

QLED technology is by and large a marketing term, but there are a few subtle differences when compared to a standard OLED. QLED TVs aren’t as susceptible to screen retention, theoretically, and I can safely say after six months of near-constant usage that there isn’t a flicker of burn-in on my panel. It’s almost as-new.

You’re also getting true HDR with this panel, which adds far more depth than I previously appreciated. Modern games that use it properly like Sea of Thieves are elevated to a whole new level as a result of this tech, with light fixtures actually appearing brighter, rather than just whiter. If you pick up one of the larger panels, you’ll also get FreeSync support, which makes games appear smoother, directly matching frame rates to the display itself.

This is also a smart TV, powered by Samsung’s TV OS. It’s incredibly speedy and can integrate the Xbox One directly with HDMI-CEC, allowing you to control your TV via your Xbox and vice versa (it can also be disabled if you don’t fancy it). It comes with all that standard TV apps you’ve come to expect such as Netflix and YouTube, and has a few intriguing features like its screensaver, which matches the color and lighting of the wall behind it, making it fade into your decor. It’s quite impressive stuff. Oh, and it has Bixby… not that you’ll use it (it’s bad).

This is the best TV I’ve ever owned, and the fact that it’s available from as little as $497 this Black Friday (even less than what I paid for it) makes it an absolute steal. If you’re using an entry-level 4K TV for your Xbox One X or PS4 Pro (or even the base Xbox One S with HDR), this TV will elevate your experience to all-new dimensions.

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