MSI’s new Vector, Sword, Katana, and Pulse gaming laptops are here

MSI has so, so many laptops on its CES 2022 docket. For those with the absolute most pocket change lying around, there are the Raider and Stealth laptops. And for everyone else, there are the Pulse, Katana, Vector, and Sword product lines.

These fancy series names translate to a straightforward sales pitch: Each of the laptops in the aforementioned lines contains displays with gaming-friendly refresh rates, high-end GPUs and CPUs, respectable storage and Windows 11.

Each laptop varies a little in terms of size, weight, and horsepower ceilings, but they’re (in general) fairly similar. Check out the following spec tables to see how much overlap there is across the seven machines we have details about.

And that’s not all! The Sword 17 and Sword 15 are en route as well, and we have the specs for the Sword 15 right here:
Pricing for the laptops is as follows: The Katana line starts at $1,099, the Pulse line starts at $1,299, Vector begins at $1,899, and Sword begins at whatever price MSI decides to eventually announce.

If those price ranges and spec tables aren’t winning you over to the MSI side of the force, don’t even sweat it. The best gaming laptops offer a ton of options besides MSI machines, so you’re not totally out of luck if you’re not in love with the company’s CES 2022 slate.

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