Minecraft Education Edition now available for Chromebooks

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Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft may be more popular as a game but not many people know it has an Education version. The ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ is a special version that helps students learn. It’s also for the teachers, parents, and the whole family. This program has been made available for Chromebooks just in time for the opening of schools. ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ is an app that can be downloaded and installed on your Chromebook. It’s been available since year 2016 but it hasn’t reached the Chrome OS-powered laptop. Perhaps the team behind the game has seen that more people are using Chromebooks.

A lot of teachers utilize Chromebook now as they are easier to use and are more affordable. Even students and parents prefer Chromebook because they are easier to use. Some models are also faster.

Educators that use Chromebook need all the help especially these days when teaching becomes more challenging. With Minecraft, students can be more interested because it’s a medium that they like and are familiar with.

The Google Education team has teamed up with the global teaching community and the world of Minecraft. This special edition is not just ready for Chromebooks but also for other platforms like Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Remote and hybrid learning is the new normal now. With this launch, the devs have introduced new STEM lessons. One example: A Minecraft world by the American Beekeeping Federation’s Kids and Bees program is available for students to study pollination and honeybees. This introduces new mobs like foxes and bees plus honey blocks and beehives.

The program also offers an improved lesson library. It comes with tagged learning activities so searching for new lessons can be easier. Teachers can take advantage of Minecraft: Education Edition if their school is already licensed through Microsoft 365 for Education. Resources and online training sessions are available for educators so they can learn how to use the program.

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