Microsoft Edge Beta now with tab syncing on Windows 10-Android

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The Microsoft Edge browser is available on Android. It still is on beta but we believe the more stable version will be ready soon with all the major features and enhancements. This year, Microsoft Edge added Collections to the Android mobile app. The latest update is important as it allows you to sync tabs and history across Windows 10 and Android. This makes browsing from one device to another easier and more convenient. No need to open a new browser every time you switch to a different device because everything can be saved.

If you work on a Windows 10 computer and you want to continue browsing on your Android smartphone, you can simply sync your history or vice versa. Your browsing history on the Microsoft Edge Beta for Android can also be accessed on Microsoft Edge on PC.

This syncing ow browsers is new but Microsoft has been supporting syncing of other content like passwords, form fill, or favorites. As described, this change comes with an app update. Syncing payments is not possible at the moment. It’s not a full rollout yet as only Edge Beta users are getting the changes, at least, for now.

Specifically, this is Edge version and it brings the syncing options. The updated Microsoft Edge: Web Browser is now on the Google Play Store. Other new features listed include visual and voice search courtesy of Microsoft Bing, revamped navigation for getting to Favorites and Reading list, and a less cluttered Immersive Reader.

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