Mario Kart Tour moves on from Paris to Winter Tour

It’s wintertime once again, at least, in some parts of the world. Our favorite Super Mario is off to a new adventure in Mario Kart Tour. The game is getting Winter Tour complete with new items and drivers. From the Paris Tour to a colder adventure, Mario is all set to challenge all drivers once again. As usual, a new track is introduced called the DK Pass. Everything you will see in the game follows one theme: winter. If where you live doesn’t have snow, maybe playing this will make you shiver.

In the wintry course, you will be seeing a lot of these new drivers: Santa Mario, Rose Gold Peach, and Black Shy Guy. Santa Mario is added at launch while the two will follow next month. No exact date has been provided but at least we know before the end of the year.

You will have to unlock new gliders and more karts on the Winter Tour. You will probably see a Wild Wing from Mario Kart Wii. Radish Rider will be available for all Gold Pass subscribers. Winter Tour is now available on Mario Kart Tour. It will run until December 3, 9:59 PM Pacific to enjoy the tour.

Nintendo has also made a few changes to the driving controls. Don’t be surprised if you see a new manual drifting mode. This will let you switch between steering and drifting with a single tap of a button.

Watch the video above for more information about the Mario Kart Tour Winter Tour. After Paris and this Winter Tour, we wonder what or where will be next? Any guess?

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