LG budget phones leaked, may be launched very soon

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LG L555DL and L455DL Budget Phones

LG isn’t giving up in the mobile business but it definitely needs to get smarter when it comes to marketing strategies. The company is determined to turn profits before 2021 year-end so it needs to do everything in its power. The competition in the mobile industry is very tough but it can be done. LG has been known for its innovations that usually kickstart some features and tech in the industry. The company just lacks in marketing and has been left out the past few years.

LG is making changes to its mobile lineup. Aside from releasing timely OS updates for the remaining LG phones, it’s already working on the next-gen flagship devices. We’re looking at the LG V60 and the LG G9 ThinQ. We mentioned the two are just one and the same but with different connectivity.

For the budget category, two new LG smartphones will be added soon—the LG L555DL and the LG L455DL. We’re guessing these are just the model numbers. Evan Blass shared a photo of the two sans any other information but we can see each comes with a waterdrop notch and significant bezels especially on the chin.

The Android phones are said to be offered in the United States by Tracfone. It’s a prepaid mobile carrier which makes sense since they are only budget phones. Checking out the home screen of both models, they run on LG UX 8.0 which is based on Android 9. We’re assuming it will receive LG UX 9.0 in the near future once ready.

The budget phones could be part of the LG Journey and LG Solo lines. Let’s wait and see for the official announcement. It should happen anytime soon or maybe at the MWC 2020.

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