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Best Xbox Controller Power Accessories Windows Central 2019

Xbox One controllers are powered by AA batteries, but if swapping out alkaline cells isn’t your thing, some excellent rechargeable battery options exist. There is a wide array of charging solutions available on the market for Xbox One controllers, ranging from cheap and cheerful to premium. Here are some of the best we’ve tested.

Charge it up

Right now, I would personally recommend Panasonic’s Eneloop dock for simplicity’s sake. The power pack can be plugged directly into the wall, and the handy LED indicators will let you know when each individual cell is ready to use. They retain their charge pretty well too, even after several months I’m still using the same four cells on a recharge rotation, with is certainly not something I can claim for other batteries I’ve used in the past. You can also buy some new separate Eneloop batteries if any of them die, too, without buying a whole new dock.

For style, the Controller Gear range is excellent, particularly if you have a custom Xbox One controller that demands some extra flair.

If you’re looking to deck out your Xbox One setup, even more, there are other accessories you can check out, including headsets, controllers, and more.

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