Jony Ive formally out of Apple

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Jony Ive is now formally and officially not working for Apple. Apple’s perennial Design chief announced in the summer that he would be leaving the company but up until yesterday still featured in Apple’s exec page. Not anymore, giving the move closure.

Ive formed the design firm LoveFrom with long-time friend and work partner Marc Newson and has Apple as a client, so the working relationship will continue. But it isn’t clear yet if Apple will appoint a new Chief Design Officer in Ive’s stead.

Jony Ive formally out of Apple

Jony Ive’s departure from Apple comes at an important time when the company is at work making its new-look iPhone 12 and quite possibly its first foldable smartphone.

A juggernaut company like Apple will surely have planned the transition way in advance, but suffice it to say the next 12 to 24 months of Apple devices will be viewed under a microscope without Ive at the helm of design.

Header image courtesy of Apple.


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