How come the OnePlus 10T undercuts the Galaxy S22? Here’s a big reason

Most Samsung competitors from China are trying to undercut the company’s flagship phones, with OnePlus being one of them, historically speaking. The new OnePlus 10T took the offensive recently and tried challenging the Galaxy S22 for a lower price, but there’s a reason why the OnePlus 10T costs $150 less than the base Galaxy S22 model. There are, in fact, several reasons, such as no wireless charging and no IP rating, poor firmware support, and more to the point at hand, low build quality and durability or lack thereof.

The OnePlus 10T is utterly failing independent durability tests. The phone appears to have a weak spot around the camera, where the frame completely snaps under mild pressure, breaking the phone in half. OnePlus took notice and issued an official statement on the matter, claiming that “the OnePlus 10T meets or exceeds all of OnePlus’ extensive durability testing procedures,” including a pressure test with heavy weights. According to the company, the phone’s structure “can bear over 45kg of external force.” (via Gadgets360)

That may be the case in OnePlus’ own testing environment, but independent testers have managed to bend and break the phone using their thumbs — no heavy weights or machinery required (via JerryRigEverything). And all things considered, OnePlus appears to have made an empty statement rather than addressing the core issue: durability.

The Galaxy S22 costs more than the OnePlus 10T but is a whole lot tougher

In contrast to the seemingly fragile OnePlus 10T, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 flagship appears impossible to bend in similar circumstances. The phone uses what Samsung calls an “Armor Aluminum” construction, and independent testers have seemingly failed to put a dent in it. Not to mention that the Galaxy S22 has an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, while the OnePlus 10T doesn’t meet any IP standard.

So, if you’re willing to look past the lack of wireless charging capabilities, poor firmware support, and the average camera experience for a lower price, here’s another obvious reason why the OnePlus 10T costs $150 less than the Galaxy S22. Compared to the Samsung flagship, the OnePlus 10T is as tough as a biscuits packet, and OnePlus says everything’s working according to plan.

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