Here’s how to get Mint Mobile’s service for under $8 per month

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Odds are that you’ve at least heard of Mint Mobile by now, and you may have seen some of the promotions the company has run in the past. This year, as part of its Black Friday deals Mint Mobile is offering up three free months of service when you buy any three month plan. That’s right, simply sign up for service, grab a three month plan that works best for you, and then you get an EXTRA three months of service at no cost for you.

Mint Mobile has a variety of plans available, starting at 3GB a month and going up to unlimited data each month. For the basic plan, which has unlimited talk and text along with the 3GB of data, you pay $45 for the three months of access. That means that for just $45 you will get six months of service from Mint Mobile, which breaks down to just $7.50 per month. If you want more data, you can opt for the Unlimited Plan which would set you back $90, which still means you are only paying $15 per month for it.

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The team at Android Central has an amazing Mint Mobile review available which breaks down the service and compares it to some of the competition. If you have been thinking about switching carriers, this deal should definitely be one you take advantage of. You can bring your current phone to Mint Mobile or opt to purchase one from Mint Mobile.

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