HBO unlocks 500 hours of must-see films and TV series to stream for free

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Netflix and Hulu and all the other recent streaming platforms may have their own shows you can’t watch anywhere else, but HBO has been home to the best exclusive shows for decades now. With iconic series like The Wire, The Sopranos, and True Blood, the premium channel made a name for itself not just by showing popular and classic films, but also by premiering shows that are truly unlike any others that have come before them.

Today, with social distancing on the rise and everyone stuck inside their homes, HBO is giving back to the public by unlocking 500 hours of its premium content, from television series to movies and documentaries. Beginning April 3, all of the content below can be streamed for free via HBO Now or HBO Go in the United States without an account. Simply head to the website you wish to use and start watching.

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You won’t find all of HBO’s content for free, and notably, recent series like Westworld, Game of Thrones, Euphoria, and The Leftovers are not included in the offer. You can watch them and keep track of your progress through the series you view by starting an HBO Now account. Alternatively, HBO Max is set to arrive in May and offer all of the content you’ll find on HBO Now and more for the same monthly price of $14.99.

According to HBO, the content listed below will also be available to stream for free on participating U.S. distribution partners’ platforms within the next several days.

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