Google updates 3D and AR in Search,learning more fun for everyone

Google 3D AR Search Experiences

Google has more in store for everyone. We’re not just talking about a new Android OS version now being tested and perfected but new services and app updates that will make everyday life easier and more interesting. If you’ve started to get bored after more than a month on lockdown, just check out what’s new from Google. Yesterday, we shared with you the latest Google Lens features. The app has been updated for better productivity at home. We also heard about that new game-changing streaming device from Google and we’re looking forward to more.

Google has shared more improvements to Google Lens and Search that involves AR. Augmented Reality may not be that popular worldwide but there are people that take advantage of the feature. Google is adding more content in 3D and AR, as well as, new features for people to explore and enjoy.

Kids and adults alike can learn more about biology, physiology, and anatomy. More information from detailed views to full annotations and a carousel. Special topics and key search terms covered are as follows: muscular system, animal cell, circulatory system, mitochondria, skeletal system, and plant cell.

The AR feature in Search has become both educational and fun. Google wants to make sure children and adults use their time in learning new information in a deeper way. With AR, you can now “take a virtual trip through the human body” courtesy of Google and Biodigital. Check the ‘View in 3D’ after a search to see images up close.

You can also “get a magnified view of our microscopic world”. View the images created by Visual Body to learn more about the different cells. When you have more time, you may virtually visit museums.

Google’s 3D and AR experiences are ready for everyone’s consumption. Now is the perfect time to learn now that most of us are just staying at home. Make use of your time properly. Learn new skills. Enhance your abilities. Don’t waste time.

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