Google Search improves shopping results for clothes, shoes, accessories

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When you’re trying to research online about what outfit to put together, you, of course, would love to know where to buy it and how much it would cost with the various stores. Google now wants to make it easier for you to do some digital window-shopping right from the Google Search app. You’ll be able to easily search and compare clothes, shoes, and accessories and see all the different brands and online shops where you can buy it.

Now when you search for things like running shoes or denim jackets or leather boots and Google will show you all the most popular ones from across online stores and the whole World Wide Web. The results will be shown in a new special section in the search results. You will also be able to filter the results by style, department and size type. You will see all the products from all the different stores in just one place.

You will also see prices in their respective stores so it will be easier to compare and contrast to help you make the right decision. You will be able to see how many stores carry that product and which one is the lowest. And if the thumbnail image isn’t enough, you can also look at multiple images of the particular product you’re interested in. If you need to read reviews about it, there are aggregated customer reviews if you scroll down.

After researching and comparing and reading up on it and you’ve decided which one you want to buy, one click will bring you to the store’s website so you can complete the purchase. The search results are actually not from paid ads but from Google’s search index of over a million online stores. Participating retailers can be part of this feature for free and they can learn more about which kind of products are currently eligible.

While you can always do more on the Google Shopping homepage which they have also recently updated, people will probably just prefer to do their research through Google Search. The updated search experience has already started rolling out on mobile devices.

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