Google Search brings some more augmented reality objects

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Last week, kids and adults alike had a lot of fun placing augmented reality animals in various places in their houses. Now it looks like we will be getting more items to explore as Google expands its partnership with brands and organizations like NASA, Visible Body, Volvo, New Balance, etc. They will also be working with even more partners to bring a lot of 3D items that people can look for in Google Search, bringing AR right into our living rooms.

If you’re not yet familiar with how this works, you’re missing out on some fun. It can also be for educational purposes as well especially if you’re continuing your kids studies at home. You need to have a smartphone or tablet that’s running on Android 7.0 and higher and supports augmented reality. Devices in Google’s list includes those from Google, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Go to Google Search and look for items like animals, planets, cars, etc. If they’re among the supported images, you’ll see “View in 3D” and then tap “View in your space”. You’ll get a few instructions like find a space on the floor and move it around. After that you’ll find the item in your room where the kids can “interact” with it and you can take snapshots and videos of the 3D image. You can use these AR images as part of your lessons for your kids or just for your own entertainment.

Last week, it was all about animals like pandas, bears, alligators, cats, tigers, etc. The partnership with NASA lets you bring celestial bodies like planets and even rovers and satellites. Visible Body brings 3D models of different body parts like heart, brain, central nervous system, cranial nerve, etc. Volvo also brings a collection of 3D cars while New Balance has some sneakers you can admire (and they’re hoping, buy later). And yes, we’re only in March, but if you want to bring a 3D Santa into your house, you can.

Google says they’re working with other brands like Samsung, Target, Wayfair and more so they can surface their content in the knowledge panel on Google Search. We’ll probably see more AR searches come up over the next few weeks. Thanks to Android Police for this new list.

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