Google Play Store games coming to Windows 10 and 11 next year

During this year’s Game Awards, a surprising announcement was made by a spokesperson from Google – games found on Google Play will get native support on Windows 10 and 11 starting next year. Then again, given that Microsoft already has a partnership with Amazon to list its apps on Windows 11’s Microsoft Store, it was just a matter of time for Google to step in as well.

Google Play Store games coming to Windows 10 and 11 next year

However, while Microsoft and Amazon officially announced their partnership, Google seems to be doing this on its own. The spokesperson didn’t go into much detail but he said that games will be available through a Google app developed on Windows 10 and 11 and there’s going to be a sense of continuity.

For example, you can start a game on your Android handset and pick up where you left off on your laptop or desktop PC.

As we pointed out, Google didn’t reveal much about the integration but it said that more info is coming soon. We hope that these efforts will extend to other app categories and that all Google Play games will be available for PC.


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