Google Pixel 5S phone spotted with dual rear cameras, same design

Google Pixel 5S

Google is expected to introduce two new phones that will complete the tech giant’s 2020 phone lineup. The Pixel line will include the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Both devices will be known as the first 5G phones from Google. Some are saying a September launch is expected but if not, an October launch may happen. Much has been said about the two Android phones including colors and prices. The phones already passed through FCC certification. Images and 360-degree video renders showed up as well.

Now we’re learning the Pixel 5 may be joined by a Pixel 5s. We’re guessing it’s another variant with some changes in the specs. Details are scarce but XDA suggested that the Pixel 5s could be the mmWave 5G version.

Two images were leaked on Twitter of what is believed to be the Android 11-powered Pixel 5S. On the ‘About phone’ section is the ‘Pixel 5S’ name.

The Pixel 5s here doesn’t look any different from the Pixel 5 images we’ve seen previously. The rear shows the same square camera module with a rear fingerprint sensor in the middle. The punch-hole for the selfie camera is on the top left of the front display.

@alexdobie) weighed in on the topic. He also shared that he previously heard the upcoming Pixel phones would have name changes. The Pixel 4a 5G was to be called the Pixel 5 while the Pixel 5 was called the Pixel 5s. That’s an interesting development. The name change isn’t really important though. We’re more curious about how the two will be better than the current Pixel phones being offered by Google.

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