Google Photos starts rolling out improved editing tools

If you take a lot of photos on your mobile device or on your regular cameras, Google Photos is one of the most useful tools to have as backing up and storing photos in the cloud is easy and inexpensive here. It also has some basic editing tools that you can use to brighten or rotate the photos you’ve backed up. Now it is rolling out enhanced and improved editing tools, with a focus on both machine learning and granular manual editing as well.

Currently, Google Photos already provides helpful suggestions when you’re viewing a photo. It sometimes suggests that you brighten up the image or that you rotate it if it’s not right side up or even archive it. Now the editor part of the app will also be giving you suggestions based on machine learning. You’ll see a new tab that will give you these suggestions specifically for the photo you’re currently viewing and thinking of editing.

The Suggestions tab currently has things like Enhance, B&W Portrait, and Color Pop. They will be bringing more suggestions to this tab. Tapping on the suggestion will see Google Photos apply the changes for you. But if you want to do manual editing, you can also now do so more easily with its new layout which gives you easier access to things like brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc.

Portrait Light is a new feature that will come soon to select Pixel devices for portrait photos taken. It will also use machine learning to improve the lighting of faces in the photo but you will also be able to further edit and enhance through Google Photos. You will also be able to add it for photos even if they’re not captured in portrait mode and was previously taken and saved on your camera roll.

The improvements in the Google Photos editor is now rolling out to the Google Photos app on Android devices. Portrait Light will be available for Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 but will eventually arrive on other Pixel devices as well.

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