Google Nest team improves on system’s privacy, security

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Google Nest Privacy Security Update

Google’s Nest system will continue to be updated. New products and smart devices will be released in the coming months. And while working on them, the tech giant is also working on developments to the software. Specifically, Google is focusing on security and privacy to ensure consumers their safety is part of the company’s priority. Last month, we noted that Google Fuchsia OS was rolling out officially for Nest Hub owners. Google has also been pushing for the new smart home protocol called Matter.

Google strives to offer more privacy features and enhancements. This week, new security commitments have been published for everyone to see. If you are a Nest product user, you can check out the Safety Center. Google notes a ‘A helpful home is a private home’ and that is possible with the company’s commitment to bringing only trustworthy products and services.

Google said those smart home devices released from 2019 are now validated using third-part security standards. One example is the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt). The company also assured the public that validation results will be published.

Assessment of products against standards will be made. Standards are being raised as Google invests in security research. The Google vulnerability reward program includes the Google Nest. This means researchers from outside can test the Google products. Vulnerabilities that will be discovered will be reported to the Nest Security team.

Part of the new security commitments are standards Google has long been following. There are updates to most Nest devices and services. In line with this, Google also has ‘Matter’ and the ‘Project Connected Home over IP’. These projects are connected in several ways.

Your Google Account is kept secure automatic protections and tools. Examples are two-step verification, Security Checkup, and suspicious activity detection. The company also releases security patches and critical bug fixes. Devices are also protected with verified boot since 2019.

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