Google Home app update lets you call smart displays

Google Home update

There is no announcement from Google, at least, nothing major but the Google Home app has received an important change. A new button is found on the app that allows users to call their smart display. Inside the Google Home mobile app, you will see a new button for video call. It only appears if you have another smart display. This means once the Google Assistant is set up on both devices (phone and Google Home), you can easily connect with the other device and maybe vice-versa.

When you tap on the new button, it will immediately call your smart display like the Nest Hub or Lenovo Smart Display among others. Not all smart displays can connect or accept video calls but for those with devices that do, you may take advantage of this new feature.

The Google Home app lists all sorts of products and services. It’s trying to be as comprehensive as possible for all your smart home devices but progress is a bit slow. This is understandable because we’re dealing with different products with different specs from different OEMs running on different platforms.

The ‘Call Home‘ bubble can’t be easily missed on the Google Home app. Make sure your app is also updated for the new features will take effect.

Sure, a simple instant messaging or video calling app may be enough to connect with your other smart display but this one offers a certain feel of exclusivity. It’s more of an internal messaging system like the old intercom. Need to talk to someone else in another part of the house? Just press Call Home.

Download the Google Home app update and see if your smart display shows up on screen. The release may be in beta for now but we’re excited to try the new feature.

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