Google Fuchsia OS rolling out officially for Nest Hub owners

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Fuchsia OS Android Google Nest Hub

Fuchsia OS has been around for some time but we haven’t heard anything about it since last year. We noted that Fuchsia OS was experimental and that it could go public soon. We learned about the Fuchsia OS could also run Android apps, thanks to Android Runtime. At one point, Fuchsia OS was being tested on Huawei’s Honor Play. Some people said it’s an Android replacement but it’s really not. When it was first introduced in 2016, we thought it would be for IoT devices.

It was earlier known as Google’s secret ‘Fuchsia’ operating system but soon got its own logo. We thought it’s a non-Linux based OS. We saw the preview of the Google Fuchsia OS and even learned it was able to run on a Pixelbook.

It wasn’t clear then if it’s a desktop OS and we remember seeing the demo. Google is finally and officially releasing the platform. It will start with the first-gen Nest Hub.

The operating system is from scratch so we’re interested to see how this will fare among the Android community. If you own the first-gen Nest-Hub, you may soon receive an update. What will change mainly is the OS. From Cast OS, it will now run on Fuchsia OS.

Features and functions will not change as described, just the smart display UI. Nothing much will change because the current display is already built with Flutter. The latter has been designed by Google to bring apps to different platforms like Fuchsia.

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