Get a taste of the Galaxy Book series with these official wallpapers

The Galaxy Book’s Super AMOLED display was one of the things that caught our eye during our hands-on session with the Galaxy Book Pro 360, and as you would expect, the gorgeous design and the exquisite Super AMOLED panels are matched by a series of stunning wallpapers. We now offer these wallpapers for our readers to download, though admittedly they might not look as gorgeous on other display types.

The wallpapers look very familiar because although they are new, they follow Samsung’s design language that was established a few years ago. They consist of flowing shapes made up of sand-like particles that reflect various shades of blue, purple, turquoise, red, and magenta on a black background.

The background was likely chosen because of the Super AMOLED panel’s fantastic contrast ratio and its ability to recreate very deep shades of black by shutting down individual pixels. The Galaxy Book series comes with 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch FHD displays.

Samsung customers who might plan on buying one of the new Galaxy Book laptops will have to wait until May 14 before they’ll be able to enjoy these wallpapers on their original screens. Until then, they can download the images from the galleries above and below.

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