Galaxy S23 cases hint at different camera design featuring a thin hump

The first Galaxy S23 cases have popped up online! Although they don’t appear to have been manufactured by Samsung, they are seemingly based on official dimensions shared by the company with its partners. In theory, these 3rd-party cases shouldn’t be more revealing than the previous CAD renders showcasing the alleged design of the Galaxy S23 flagship trio. However, these 3rd-party case pictures suggest we may have prematurely celebrated Samsung’s new design direction for the 2023 flagship series.

The Galaxy S23 may have a camera hump, after all. Although previous renders said otherwise, these 3rd-party cases have circular cutouts and enough room for a camera hump that encompasses all three sensors. (via @UniverseIce)

Galaxy S23 with or without camera hump — both are possible

Upon further inspection of these case photos, it looks like the space left by the protective case for the alleged Galaxy S23’s camera hump is minimal in both overall size and thickness. It could be that even if the Galaxy S23 has a camera hump, it will be less intrusive compared to the previous generations.

Either way, it’s difficult to draw any definitive conclusions based on these recent leaks. There’s still no guarantee that the Galaxy S23 will have a camera hump, even if this 3rd-party case has a suggestion of one. It could very well be an early case design, or it might have a hump even though the phone won’t.

Regardless, the Galaxy S23’s looks remain in question. It’s a little bit too early to be sure of the Galaxy S23’s exterior design to the last detail, and only time will clear up this confusion. Samsung reportedly intends to release the Galaxy S23 series earlier in 2023, following an official unveiling in January.

Do you have a preferred design policy for the upcoming Samsung flagship? Would you prefer the Galaxy S23 to have a camera hump? Or do you think separating the three circular sensors looks better? Share your thoughts below.

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