Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and S20 FE 5G confirmed in overeager promo

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It’s a tale as old as smartphones: Samsung is several months deep into preparations for a new flagship launch, but one of its minuscule regional offices ends up spoiling the surprise in an utterly anticlimactic manner. While the existence of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition range was hardly a mystery until now, the series’ incoming arrival is pretty much confirmed as of today. That’s thanks to a piece of overeager copywriting published by Samsung Bulgaria.

More specifically, this Eastern European Samsung division appears to have messed up its marketing materials concerning the latest iteration of the company’s YouTube Premium promotion. In effect, it ended up publishing an early revision of the promo’s eligibility requirements clearly meant for Samsung’s next product release cycle. In other words, the technical details of the said YouTube Premium offer casually name-drop both the Galaxy S20 FE and the Galaxy S20 FE 5G not once but twice each.

LTE and 5G models likely to go their separate ways

The development pretty much confirms the two Fan Edition smartphones are getting pretty close to their commercial debut. Exactly how much longer do we have to wait for the official announcement remains to be seen, though the current consensus among insiders has the launch pegged for October. While the LTE-only Galaxy S20 FE model is likely to target specific markets instead of just tagging along with the Galaxy S20 FE 5G, expect way more variety in terms of color options. In fact, it was just last week that half a dozen Galaxy S20 Fan Edition variants emerged, promising a pretty colorful fall for Samsung aficionados.

All things considered, if you’re on the fence with the Galaxy Note 20 family, Samsung’s Q4 flagships may be just the thing to satiate your appetite for pure value.

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