Galaxy S11 to have 48MP telephoto camera next to 108MP main camera?

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The Galaxy S11’s primary rear camera will have a megapixel count that’s nine times higher than the cameras Samsung’s flagship phones have been equipped with for the last few years, but what about the other rear cameras? Thanks to the rumors and leaks, it’s pretty certain that the Galaxy S11 series will be capable of taking 5x zoom photos, and now, a new rumor suggests the telephoto lens will have a resolution of at least 48 megapixels.Samsung’s existing flagships have all employed a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor, and its 2019 flagships also have a 16MP ultra-wide camera. Considering the substantial jump in the main camera’s resolution, it would make sense for Samsung to bump up the megapixel count on the other cameras as well. Having a 108-megapixel primary camera flanked by 12MP and 16MP telephoto and ultra-wide cameras would look rather odd, although it does make one wonder how the Galaxy S11’s pricing will be affected if Samsung puts three higher-resolution sensors on it.It is possible Samsung will use the same 16MP ultra-wide camera on the Galaxy S11 lineup as it has on the Galaxy S10, Note 10, and Galaxy Fold, but we can only wait and see what the technical specs will be. Of course, the real-world performance of these cameras will matter no matter how many megapixels you cram in there, and just how good the photos come out — and whether or not features like Space Zoom are actually present — is something we will find out only after the Galaxy S11 has gone official.

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