ESTV launches on Samsung TV Plus bringing 24-7 linear esports content

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ESTV, the first-ever dedicated esports channel is launching on Samsung TV Plus, the company announced this week. ESTV is bringing esports content to Samsung’s ad-supported platform where it should be available on all of the company’s smart TVs launched in 2016 and later.Samsung TV Plus gets more gaming-oriented contentESTV is the first channel dedicated to esports and gives viewers access to a wide variety of gaming-related content, from gaming news and competitive gaming team analysis to syndicated late-night talk shows, live streaming of events, and interviews.Samsung TV Plus seems like a great fit for ESTV, not only because it’s a free, ad-supported platform, but also because Samsung is already catering to the gaming audience to a degree, with the release of its gaming monitors for casual and competitive players. Meanwhile, on the mobile side of things, Samsung offers features like PlayGalaxy Link and Discord integration with its Game Launcher, so the company is no stranger to the concept of video games.ESTV was released in the United States earlier in May as a 24-7 live linear channel. It launched on several platforms but it remains exclusive to the United States as of this writing. In other words, ESTV is now available on Samsung TV Plus only stateside. But if you do reside in the US and decide to check it out, you’re welcomed to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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