E3 reportedly wants to revamp its image according to leaked presentation

It’s no secret that E3 isn’t having the best time in recent years. While conferences like Gamescom garner hundreds of thousands of visitors, E3 2019 saw around 66,000. In an effort to revamp the event’s format and attract more people, the organizing body wants it to rebrand it as a “fan, media, and influencer” festival. GameDaily managed to get its hands on a presentation on just how this would work.

We’ve highlighted some of the main points below. However, the focus here appears to be on “experiences” instead of an overflow of traditional booths.

  • There will be eight experience hubs in the middle of the traditional booths.
  • There may be a strong focus on celebrities and other influential people to attend.
  • There may be an industry-only day before the event opens up to the public.
  • E3 wants to focus on “social good” to become more popular with younger people.
  • Paid media partnerships with major outlets to increase the reach of E3 and exhibitors.

As with any such leak, take it with a grain of salt. For all we know, this could be an elaborate hoax. However, from what we’ve heard, it looks like this presentation is real because a number of different sources can corroborate it.

What do you think about E3’s plans to revamp its image and increase attendance? Let us know. Do you think it’s going to work?

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