Google Stadia day-one launch game line-up gets new titles

Google Stadia Games at Launch November 19

In a few hours, Google will officially launch the Stadia gaming system. The new game streaming platform has been highly anticipated ever since it was introduced back in March as a new cheat-proof and cloud-based video game platform by Google. It was presented to the public at a press conference ahead of E3 2019 and the Stadia Controller soon went up for pre-order on the Google Store. We also learned the Stadia would support the Pixel 3 series and multiplayer gaming.

A few Google Stadia games have been confirmed and more titles have been added to the list. A lot of good news has also been added like the idea it would come to Android TV next year via Android 11, as well as, have support for the Pixel 2 phones and for more Pixel phones and platforms.

A month ago, Google detailed the initial Stadia Controller setup. The Google Stadia app went up for download from the Play Store a couple of weeks ago. Days before the launch, Stadia Controller parts, buttons, and gameplay controls were detailed by Google. The Stadia team even hosted a Reddit AMA session (Ask-Me-Anything) to answer the frequently asked questions of interested consumers.

Today, we’re learning more games will be added to the Day One launch line-up. Google Vice-President and GM Phil Harrison (@mrphilharrison) shared over on Twitter the good news. There are now 22 games launching on Stadia this coming November 19, Tuesday. The final line-up of Stadia’s Day One Titles include the following:

1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
2. Attack on Titan: Final Battle 2
3. Destiny 2: The Collection (Stadia Pro 2)
4. Farming Simulator 2019
5. Final Fantasy XV
6. Football Manager 2020
7. Grid 2019
8. Gylt
9. Just Dance 2020
10. Kine
11. Metro Exodus
12. Mortal Kombat 11
13. NBA 2k20
14. Rage 2
15. Rise of the Tomb Raider
16. Red Dead Redemption 2
17. Samurai Showdown (Stadia Pro)
18. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
19. Thumper
20. Tomb Raider 2013
21. Trials Rising
22. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

From the previous 12, the list now has 22 Stadia-ready games. These eight have been added: Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Trials Rising, NBA 2k20, Rage 2, Metro Exodus, Farming Simulator 2019, Final Fantasy XV, Football Manager 2020, Grid 2019, and Attack on Titan: Final Battle 2.

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