Did you gift a child an Xbox One? Microsoft’s tips are here to help you.

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Many children receive a new gaming console this time of year. The Xbox team has a new video to help parents set up a new Xbox One and to set up appropriate limits and settings. The video is about ten minutes long and includes all the basics needed to get your house ready for gaming, including how to set up a new console, how to create a child or teen account, and how to install screen limits and content filters. It also has a list of family-friendly games to try.

Microsoft emphasizes the importance of setting up a teen or child account in a news post. Setting these types of accounts up allows parents to access family settings. The news post breaks down four key areas that parents can access when they set up a teen or child account.

Best Xbox One Games for Kids in 2019

Content filters and restrictions are an important part of balancing gaming with other passions, according to Microsoft’s Dave McCarthy, “I understand the challenges of balancing your kids’ passion for gaming with other important things like homework, time with family, chores, etc. But Xbox is here to help!”

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