Deck out your Surface Pro X with these new wood covers from Toast

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Toast launched seven new wooden covers for the Surface Pro X. The covers add a layer of protection over the Surface’s easily-scratched exterior while also adding a unique sense of style. The covers come in Walnut, Ebony, Maple, Zebrawood, Rosewood, Lyptus, and Bamboo. The covers start at $49, but you’ll have to pay extra for “add-ons” like the TrackPad surround cover, Screen surround cover, and the Type Cover panels cover. You can also add a custom design for an additional $30.

Toast has been in the device covering businesses since 2012. We’ve tested several Toast products over the years. Our executive editor, Daniel Rubino reviewed Toast’s covers for the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop last year and loved them. In fact, he loved the Surface Laptop Toast cover so much that he took a look at Toast’s cover for the Surface Book.

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Toast’s covers aren’t cheap, especially if you tack on all the add-ons, but they provide a unique look while protecting your device. They’re also made of actual wood, not just a sticker designed to look like wood. Rubino said of his Toast Surface Laptop cover, “I’m particularly impressed with how the Toast cover rounded the edges of the Surface Laptop. I also recommend doing the Surface logo cut out for that extra five bucks. Not only did it make aligning the cover during installation much more comfortable, but it looks fantastic when contrasted with the wood.”

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