New Heroes of the Storm event combines iconic Blizzard characters

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Heroes Of The Storm Craft WarsSource: Blizzard Entertainment (screenshot)

A big part of Heroes of the Storm’s appeal has always been letting fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s impressive gaming library test which of their favorite characters would win in a fight. The game’s latest patch, which released yesterday, takes that crossover appeal to the next level by fusing together characters from Warcraft and StarCraft.

CraftWars imagines Warcraft villain Arthas Menthil, aka the Lich King, leading the insectoid alien Zerg of StarCraft as the King of Blades. He’s facing off against the Alliance’s own King Anduin Wrynn, who’s been fused with StarCraft’s equally blonde and handsome Emperor Valerian Mengsk to become Emperor of the Dominion.

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The selection of new fusion skins also includes making a Draenei version of the Protoss hero Artanis and having the goblin mech pilot Gazlowe running around in a SCV from StarCraft. Gazlowe also got some real mechanical upgrades for this patch that make him a frontline Bruiser specializing in zone control and distruption. Overwatch-based hero D.Va also got an overhaul to make her fit the Bruiser role better and improve her talent choices.

Also new this patch is Overwatch hero Mei, showing that Blizzard is still committed to making big updates to Heroes of the Storm’s gameplay. Since Mei specializes in ice, she’s appropriately allied herself with the lord of the Frozen Throne to serve as one of Arthas’ Death Knights.

Heroes unleashed

Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack

Heroes and villains from all walks

This starter pack includes five characters for the game: Sonya, Zeratul, Zagara, Li Li and Jaina, alongside an exclusive Golden Tiger Mount. It’s the perfect way to get started in Heroes of the Storm.

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