Compulsion Games co-founder says next game will be ‘much better’ (update)

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Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few was first revealed in 2016 and it changed a fair bit over the course of development. In an interview with USGamer, Guillame Provost, founder of Compulsion Games, talked about how the game evolved and how development had to shift away from procedurally-generated environments and shifted towards a stronger, handcrafted narrative focus.

Provost also noted that it was a hard learning experience but that ultimately, he feels the studio had to go through it in order to learn. He also reaffirms that We Happy Few is done for now and the studio is moving ahead. Whatever its next project is, he believes it will be much better, especially since the studio has been acquired by Microsoft and is learning from the other teams at Xbox Game Studios. They’re already hiring staff for their next project, like a writer.

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“Things feel like they’re gonna get a lot easier for us to succeed,” Provost said. “If we don’t make something much better than the last game, then something is uber-wrong with my direction for the studio.” The final DLC for We Happy Few, We All Fall Down, released a couple of weeks ago. You can check out our review of it right here.

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