Check out a new trailer for Xbox Velocity Architecture in Xbox Series X

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The Xbox Series X is on the way and its packing quite a bit of custom hardware. Today, Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management on Xbox Series X, went into a little more detail on just what the special Xbox Velocity Architecture entails.

Ronald talks about how in addition to having a custom SSD, the Xbox Series X also has extremely capable hardware decompression and far more efficient memory usage. None of this is “new” information but it’s broken down in a more detailed, thorough fashion. Xbox also released a trailer with some the key highlights of Xbox Velocity Architecture. You can see the trailer below.

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If this is complicated, the important takeaway is that Xbox is using a fast SSD to make loading games and game assets much quicker.

Custom technology is obviously nice but games are the reason players buy new systems and after a sample of third-party titles were shown off in May, the industry is waiting to see just what Xbox Game Studios has in store. Xbox is holding a big Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, where we’ll see Halo Infinite and other big Xbox titles in the pipeline.

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