CES 2020: Razer Debuts New Dual-Sided iPhone Game Controller in Partnership With Gamevice

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Razer today announced a new dual-sided game controller that attaches to the left and right sides of an iPhone.Created in partnership with Gamevice, the controller plugs into the Lightning connector, allowing it to be powered by the iPhone rather than a battery. The controller itself has a built-in Lightning connector for pass-through charging of the iPhone. The direct connection also allows for ultra-low latency.

Building on the compact design of its Junglecat controller for Android, Razer’s new Kishi controller features a directional pad, two thumbsticks, A-B-X-Y buttons, and shoulder bumpers. The controller is certified by Apple.

Razer says the Kishi controller will be available in early 2020 for the iPhone 6 or newer and Android smartphones. Pricing has not been disclosed.

Gamevice has long sold a dual-sided iPhone game controller of its own.


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