Android phones can now detect Fitbit devices nearby

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Google Fitbit Android recognition

Google and Fitbit’s partnership has developed into acquisition last year. The search giant purchased the company for $2.1 billion so don’t be surprised if a number of changes are being made. Some advocacy groups may be expressing concern over Google Fitbit takeover but there’s nothing they can do. Google-Fitbit deal has yet to be approved and we’re hoping things will be formalized soon. Any partnership may be good for the majority if it means new and improved products and services. With Google and Fitbit working together, it is possible that data collected will be used for greater purposes.

It’s been discovered recently that Android smartphones can now recognized Fitbit devices that are nearby. They are those that still need to be set up. It’s’ pretty much like nearby Bluetooth devices being discovered for pairing.

The Fitbit device recognition is made possible by Google Play Services. It’s also similar to accessories and products being recognized like Wear OS smartwatches and Chromecast within the same area or network. Google and Fitbit didn’t exactly make a formal announcement about this change but we remember seeing a Google Play Services update.

If you have a Fitbit device and an Android phone, don’t be surprised if you suddenly received notifications on your smartphone. Such alerts will tell you to set up both wearable and phone. If you previously own a WearOS-powered watch, the notification will be almost the same.

When you receive an alert, click on it and you will be sent to the Play Store. Download the Fitbit app or get the update. This is probably just one of the first changes Fitbit and Google have been working on. Expect more enhancements will be announced in the coming weeks or after the deal has been finalized.

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