Android 12 can run on old Samsung Galaxy S III

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Samsung GALAXY S III Android 12 Custom ROM

While some Galaxy phones are in danger of NOT being able to get Android 12, here is an older model running on the latest Android OS version. The Samsung Galaxy S III, the flagship released by the South Korean tech giant in 2012, can run Android 12. Of course, it’s an unofficial fix by XDA developers who sometimes make us believe they can do anything. Android 12 on an old Galaxy S III? It can be done. If you still have that phone you may want to try installing the OS update coming as a custom ROM–at your own risk.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is no longer officially supported by the company. It only gets a new lease in life or update with mods by genius devs like those within the Android community, specifically, XDA.

Android 12 on the phone was made possible with LineageOS 19.0. It is a custom ROM based on the latest Android platform version. It’s not perfect though as some features may be broken like the SIM PIN unlock.

Don’t expect all Android 12 features and enhancements will work. For one, the NFC module isn’t functioning with the ROM. Hopefully, it can still be fixed.

But then again, we’re really not expecting the improvements and functions will work smoothly or as intended. We’re just hoping there will be a quick fix or temporary solution. The phone is old anyway but any effort to update the OS or software is welcome.

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