Amazon Alexa app redesign highlights what you really use

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If you’re using Alexa on your smartphone, you’ll see a difference in the app in the next few weeks. Amazon is rolling out an update soon that will change what you see on your home screen. Instead of showing what Alexa can do, it will give you a more personalized view as you will see the features and functions that you use more. This way, it will be easier for you to use the digital assistant even if you don’t want to use voice commands.

Once the update rolls out to you, you’ll see that the Alexa icon has moved to the top of the screen. This way you can just easily tap it if you don’t want to use the wake word. Previously, what you saw here is the weather info which you probably don’t use much anyway. You’ll also now see a media playback button in the navigation bar so you’ll notice that you can actually use the platform as an option to play music, podcasts, and maybe even videos.

But the most personalized thing about this app redesign is that you’ll see front and center the features that you often use with Alexa. If you use Reminders then you’ll see that on your home screen. You will also be able to see content like media you’re listening to, lists you’ve made, and other things that you normally use Alexa for. The basic idea is to have quicker access to features and tasks that you use rather than things you might use.

If you have other Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo speakers or Echo buds, you will find the controls for them on the home screen as well. This way, it’s easier for you to adjust settings and personalization for these devices, especially if you use them a lot. But in case you also need more help in using Alexa more, the app will also tell you about the various features and functionalities that you may not be using.

You will still be able to see the Alexa skills for third-party apps or services but they’re not as prominent. This isn’t such a bad thing since you’ll probably prefer to have what you actually use more accessible. Update your Alexa app to the latest version to see the new design.

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