Xplora XGO2 smartwatch-smartphone ready for the kiddos

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Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch Smartphone

If you are looking for a new smartphone for your young children, you may want to consider the Xplora XGO2. It’s not exactly a smartphone but more of a smartwatch with phone capabilities. As described, it is an ideal first phone and smartphone for the kids. It’s available in the United States as an affordable wearable device for those ages four to 10. This smartphone-smartwatch also encourages kids to move and do physical activities–all while keeping them safe and keep in touch with their parents.

Xplora is the the No. 1 kids’ smartwatch company in Europe. The new gadget lets children to explore, investigate, and just be active. It’s ideal for this season when kids and adults are encouraged to stay at home most of the time.

Back in 2019, Xplora has introduced an activity platform for the kids that combines physical activity with entertainment. The new device is for the young children that have become less active especially during this pandemic.

The Xplora XGO2 makes everything more accessible for the kids and their parents. It’s an affordable and feature-rich smartwatch that comes with GPS tracking and smartphone.

This one comes with a step tracker. Kids are encouraged to walk or run because for every 1,000 steps taken, they can earn Xplora Coins. The coins can then be redeemed on the Goplay platform where the kids can download games and play.

The XGO2 Smartwatch can also make and receive calls, as well as, receive text messages, emojis, and voice messages. Parents need to set and pre-approve the contacts. XGO2 comes with GPS too so children’s whereabouts are known. With Google Maps integration, parents can set up safe zones for their kids.

XGO2 is available for $119.99 with a Pay as you Go SIM option that can be paid every month. You can also get it for $99.99 but with a 12- or 24-month SIM Contract.

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