Wyze in beta testing phase for fitness tracker, smart home controller

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Budget smart home product maker Wyze is just about ready to officially announce the early access testing for its upcoming activity / fitness tracker which will probably be called Wyze Band. While the activity tracking features of this device may be basic, what will be of interest particularly for those who are using Wyze products is that you will be able to access and control their smart home devices. We’re now getting a first look at the wearable through some early leaks.

The Wyze Band is not out to change the wearable industry but is simply something that their market can use to be able to have quicker access to their smart home devices. It has the basic activity tracking features like a step counter, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, etc. It does have a bigger display so you can access your smart bulbs, security cameras, and smart plugs. But of course, you can only do so with Wyze smart home devices.

The leaked image and video of the Wyze Band comes from Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny. The video also shows that the device has a built-in microphone so you can have access to Amazon Alexa. It has a touch screen interface and you will be able to customize the clock face to a certain degree. There are several interfaces that you can apply, some with atmospheric backgrounds, some with just simple time and step count figures.

The leak comes from the Wyze beta app and it seems that they’re already in the beta testing stage. The next stage would be to have an Early Access release before fully launching it to the public. But there is no leaked time table yet for all of these but at least we’re one step closer to having this wearable in the market. It might be of interest only to those who have Wyze devices but it may also be a way to market their budget smart home devices.

The Wyze Band will also have a jogging app in case you want to use it to stay fit. It will also have alarms, the weather, and other basic things you can ask for in an activity tracker. No word yet on price range but it will probably be not that expensive.

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