WhatsApp update brings improved wallpapers, sticker search

An app update doesn’t always have to be something major. It can be an improvement on already existing features or just something that will make the app experience a bit more enjoyable. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps right now and the latest update to it doesn’t have any major features but a few improvements on its wallpaper feature and sticker search. You’ll now be able to choose chat wallpaper backgrounds for each of your conversations and you can search for stickers better as well.

If you spend a lot of time chatting with people on WhatsApp, having a nice background to look at is important. You now get a lot of new, beautiful wallpapers on the app, and more importantly, you can choose a custom wallpaper for each of your conversations, whether one-on-one or group chats. This will also help minimize errors in sending a message or response to the wrong chat. Well, that is if you remember the wallpaper for specific chats.

You can also still use the default doodle wallpaper but you can now choose from more colors. The wallpapers can also be chosen for the light and dark mode settings and they will also automatically transition when you switch from either mode. All of the wallpapers can also be dimmed or brightened depending on your preference. While it may not be a major thing, these are still important aspects of your messaging experience.

There are also improvements in the sticker search feature as you can now search with text and emoji or even brows through the common sticker categories. But those who are creating sticker apps have to tag their stickers with emojis when they submit it for approval, moving forward. You also get the Together At Home sticker pack from the WHO as animated stickers. WhatsApp says it’s actually one of their most famous sticker packs so it should become even more useful now.

The WhatsApp update is rolling out this week to Android users. You can check if it’s already available for you by updating your app or going to the Google Play Store to check on the update.

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