WhatsApp may be rolling out new storage solution tools

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If you’re using WhatsApp a lot and your conversations are heavy on the file and media exchange usage, the app may be taking a lot of space on your device. The Facebook-owned messaging app may soon be rolling out new tools to help you manage your app’s storage and make it easier for you to free up space on your smartphone or tablet. This way users will still be able to make conversations active and dynamic while also getting rid of things you may not need anymore.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon be rolling out a revamped user interface for the storage section which will let you easily see and delete large files that you may not need to store on your device anymore. The messaging app is probably one of the “heaviest” apps that are installed on your smartphone especially if you’re using it for both personal and even for work-related conversations.

The Storage Usage section will look different once the update rolls out. Well, if it will actually roll out. You’ll see a storage bar at the top where your media files and your “other” content are segregated. It would be better of course if you will see a further breakdown of what those files are like photos, videos, etc. But at least that’s what we’ll see for now. There are two sections below: forwarded files and large files, with the suggestion to “review and delete unnecessary files” so you can free up more space.

A lot of the space that the app occupies may be because of those forwarded files from you groups. This way you can easily identify those, as well as non-forwarded files that may be too large and should be deleted as well. Underneath these two sections, you’ll see the various chats you have, both group and individual, and how much space those chats occupy. Of course you’ll probably not delete those but at least you know.

This new storage usage section is still under development though so we might see something different when or if it eventually rolls out. It is expected to be beta tested first before rolling out to all users.

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