What’s your favorite Windows 11 feature so far?

Windows 11 Logo 2 WinverSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

There was a time when we were all excited for Microsoft’s June 24 event, a time when we had no idea what was coming. Now, we’re still excited for both the main event as well as the secondary one, but a good chunk of the mystery is, well, missing. That’s because Windows 11 leaked in a big, big way.

We’ve seen so much of Windows 11. We did a hands-on walkthrough video of it, got a glimpse of everything from its wallpapers to its startup sound, and so much more. So, having seen a good deal of its innards, we’re wondering: Of the ones that have been leaked thus far, what’s your favorite Windows 11 feature?

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As we’ve already mentioned here on Windows Central, there’s a lot more to Windows 11 than just a new start menu. And even if you’re not absolutely overwhelmed by the features that have been put on display thus far, don’t forget that Microsoft is bound to announce a lot more at its June 24 event — you know, when the official Windows 11 reveal will happen.

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