What to expect from Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka rework

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is fast approaching, scheduled for mid-February reveal, and bringing a wave of new free content to the hit multiplayer shooter. While the new year features the usual Operators, maps, and balancing changes, Ubisoft also teases an array of quality-of-life improvements – and anticipated “extensive reworks.” It suggests multiple Operator shakeups in the pipeline, refining the fundamentals of existing gadgetry in need of extra love.

No Operator is more deserving of that treatment than Tachanka, with the turret-wielding lord consistently among weakest picks since launch. Characterized by the mounted RP-46 light machinegun and his burly physique, a highly immobile playstyle misaligns with the state of Rainbow Six Siege today. And while Ubisoft hasn’t provided firm details on Tachanka’s rebirth, upcoming changes are almost an open secret in 2020.

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Ubisoft has toyed with Tachanka reworks in the past after falling short of initial expectations from launch in 2015. The introduction of a frontal shield followed one year later to protect from headshots, providing players with more confidence despite the one-shot headshot mechanic. However, underlying issues surrounding his stationary play style still impact Tachanka today, currently reporting a minus five percent win delta, and presence close to zero percent.

While speculation of the Tachanka rework has circulated for years, the release of Operation Ember Rise brought the Operator back into the spotlight. While just as broken as before, Ubisoft updated his in-game biography with references to an imminent rework from Rainbow Six’s fictional R&D director, Mira.

“Tachanka doesn’t want anyone to “touch his toys” but he understands these evaluations are crucial for team operations,” states Tachanka’s latest bio. “The LMG has had so many modifications to it already – mostly by Senaviev – that it’s in a category of its own. We are in the process of testing a number of prototype options. In the meantime, I’ve attached a list of possible adjustments we can make to this LMG, if I can get Tachanka to let us make changes.”

What to expect from Tachanka’s rework

Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka

Tachanka’s mounted RP-46 light machinegun received a front-facing shield in late 2016, although still remains weak.Source: Ubisoft

So, if Ubisoft plans to deliver a full rework of Tachanka, what can we expect? The developer remains quiet on any ongoing developments, with no formal news in early 2020. But according to a new alleged leak from Kormora, a reputable source of past Year 4 details before reveal, Ubisoft is locking down the final rework for the months ahead.

Tachanka will supposedly ditch his LMG mount post-rework, carrying the RP-46 by hand instead. The approach would retain his signature pan-fed weapon from past iterations, coupled with improved mobility. That would fix one of the Operator’s current biggest struggles today, likely offering heavy firepower comparable to Maestro and his ALDA. A Pro League promotional clip from last year backs this claim, teasing an unmounted LMG.

The source also details an incendiary gadget, which should prove to be Tachanka’s most substantial shift from his former identity. Expanding his loadout with much-needed utility, he would join the growing lineup of blaze-bending Operators, Capitão and Goyo. It follows changes to fire propagation and visual effects in Operation Ember Rise, providing the foundations to explore more fire-based roles. While the exact implementation of the gadget is unclear, Ubisoft will assumedly retain a focus on firepower over a trap-based approach.

Tachanka rework release date

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Goyo

Tachanka could be joining Capitão and Goyo with a new incendiary gadget headed to Rainbow Six Siege.Source: Ubisoft

With Rainbow Six Siege’s lineup of Year 5 content on the horizon, Tachanka’s return could be sooner than you think. Ubisoft is scheduled to unveil its Year 5 plans, alongside the first details on the Year 5 Season 1 update, on February 16 at the Six Invitational 2020. And with the upcoming Operator count cut to just six recruits, many speculate two sizeable reworks will fill the gaps. Here’s hoping the lord’s time has come.

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