Warframe coming to Android & iOS with cross-platform compatibility

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Co-op action game Warframe is one of the best free-to-play titles out there, and The New War is their next big expansion for this year, coming sometime later. Even better, the game is getting cross-play and cross-save capability and landing on mobiles too. Both for the Android and iOS platforms which is great news, especially for players who have invested hundreds of hours playing this MMO. At the annual TennoCon 2021, the developer Digital Extremes made this exciting announcement with no official timeline of release, per se.

The game was launched for Windows initially in 2013, then in a short period of time (within months) came to the PS4 and then got the Xbox One support too. Eventually, it trickled to the Nintendo Switch, and the latest PlayStation5 and the Xbox Series X/S consoles.

From the fresh demo released by the developer for the mobile version of Warframe, it is clear that the game is pretty much approaching a release in the coming months. In the demonstration of the open-world stage (starting at 17:28 mark in the video), you can catch up on all the details of the game, and how it will look on the iPhone 12.

The game runs very smoothly with a good number of online players around, indicating it is going to be an enjoyable experience for mobile users. Although the demo is shown off on the iOS platform, Android version should do similarly well on high-end phones.

The fact that you could be playing this game at your home on PC, in transit or on the big screen via the gaming consoles – makes it an irresistible prospect. The video shows how the cross-play and cross-save options work smoothly which are comforting enough for gamers who swear by the addictive gameplay of this popular title.

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