Vivo X50 Series officially official with Gimbal Camera System

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The Vivo X50 Pro is here. Well, it is really just the Vivo X50. We’ve been saying it is the Pro variant but the Chinese OEM is actually introducing a whole new series with three variants as part of the lineup. Three new Vivo phones are available: the Vivo X50, Vivo X50 Pro, and the Vivo X50 Pro+. These phones are all camera-centric so expect professional-grade camera technologies will be utilized. Regular mobile consumers may be introduced to professional smartphone photography with any of the models from the series.

Earlier, we already told you the phone may get a robotic gimbal-stabilized image sensor. The sensor tech has been explained a couple of weeks ago and now the smartphones are here.

All three phones boast impressive features starting with the zoom, night mode, portrait mode, and stabilization. The VIVO X50 series promise cutting-edge stabilization as described–resulting in premium quality videos and photos in different scenarios. Whether you are capturing a still photo, portrait, outdoor, or moving images, the Vivo X50 can capture the way you imagine it on your mind.

The X50 is almost premium but Vivo made sure every model is still affordable. Each one promises a “professional photography experience” to every user not only in China but to other key markets as Vivo will go more global:

Vivo Senior Vice Presidents Spark Ni shared: “As the first X series products that will be made available to international markets, we are excited to share the best of our innovative technology and design concepts with people around the world.”

Making the phone series a winner is the Gimbal Camera System. Even when scenes are at night or are moving, you can capture them with reduced shaking. It’s like having its own built-in gimbal for improved stability of the main shooter all the time. It also widens the anti-shake area and rotation angle. There is also a Gimbal Radar that reflects a gimbal movement. It tells when a frame is stable.

All Vivo X50 phones are flagship level. The Vivo X50 Pro features a selfie shooter and quad rear cameras. All three phones come with a periscope lens for 60x Hyper Zoom while the Vivo X50 Pro+ comes with a 1/1.3 inch ISOCELL GN1 sensor. Some other important photography features include a Super Night Mode, Astro Mode, Super Wide-Angle, and Super Macro function.

The Vivo X50 series phones are equipped with 5G connectivity, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + X55 processor, 90/120Hz high screen refresh rate, flexible screens, HDR 10+ technology, and AG Frosting. The Gimbal Camera System is found on the Vivo X50 Pro.

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